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Sex on Kava w/ Ethan Moore & Rich Kennedy! The South Florida talkshow about Sex, Love & Relationships in the Age of Tinder. Taping every Saturday night at Awa Na Kava in Ft. Lauderdale!
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Sep 8, 2015

Comedian Eric Rosenblum continues to join us for the funniest segments we’ve ever recorded.  We start off on a racially uncomfortable note as Rich talks about fish-out-of-water experience as a white guy in Amityville, New York, as the bus driver for a reform school with an almost exclusively African-American student body.  We learn about some of the popular racial slurs he heard on a daily basis.  Then, things get even more uncomfortable as Maymay reads our news story, about a white lady who was accidentally given semen from a black guy at a sperm clinic, and is now suing because she gave birth to a racially-mixed baby.  It may be uncomfortable, but it’s definitely fertile grounds for comedy on Sex on Kava!

This is a super-sized 3-part episode, and you’re only on part 2!  Don’t forget to check out part 3 tomorrow!
Also, you should check out Eric Rosenblum & Jo [...]
Sep 7, 2015

Ethan has returned from New York and we’ve got a super-sized, 3 part episode for you this week!  Comedian Eric Rosenblum is our guest, and we’ll talk to him about New York City comedy and his company, Southgate Design, which has special deals for comedians who need business cards.  But most importantly:  How to get lucky on Tinder!  Newsgirl Maymay is disgusted with all of us, of course… and, she’ll have a great news segment coming up in Part 2, so stay tuned to Sex on Kava!

Sep 1, 2015

This episode gets really interesting as Produce Pete joins us and shows us how to pick up women with his patented “napkin” technique.  Then, live on the podcast, he demonstrates his skills and brings a couple of girls over to talk!  Drama ensues as the girls talk about their experience at the male strip club next door to the kava bar, and it emerges that one of the girls, Lexi, found out earlier today that her husband has been cheating on her!  It’s late night controversy and comedy, right here on Sex on Kava!

Aug 31, 2015

Our guest this week is simply the love between Rich, Ethan, and Maymay… well, that and the many random people that wander into the podcast throughout the show!

First, we’ve got Jailbait Morgan and her boyfriend, Tyler.  Tyler wants to know about what to do when a girl doesn’t smell too fresh “down there” (not Morgan, he assures us).  Then we do the news with Maymay and talk to Mark the Computer Guy.  Maymay seems to have a case of nerd love for Mark, as she does not threaten to cut off his Johnson right away.  Oh, and don’t forget to send your support for Maymay’s campaign to:  Put “Maymay’s Dick Picks” in the title.
It’s weird, it’s wacky, it’s a typical Saturday night at Awa Na Kava Lounge!  Only here on Sex on Kava!
Aug 27, 2015

Our episode with sexy comedian Brandon Bennington continues, we’ve got Moore News, Brandon will tell us some of his no-fail pickup lines (hint: they’re not much more complicated than Creepy Greg’s line), and we’ll hear how Ethan & Rich lost their virginity (and no, it wasn’t to each other, despite what you’re hearing from Morgan the 17-year-old-smartass).  It’s Sex, laughter, and weirdness, late night at Awa Na Kava Lounge, served up on Sex on Kava!

You can follow Brandon Bennington here!

Aug 25, 2015

On tonight’s episode of Sex on Kava, we’re joined by sexy comedian Brandon Bennington.  Brandon will let Ethan & Rich in on his secret for doing so well with the ladies:  Just be super tall and good-looking!  Then, Newsgirl Maymay has a story about some mischievous Florida teenagers; guess what her solution to the problem is? Chop chop! It’s more Sex on Kava on!

You can follow Brandon Bennington at instagram here

Aug 19, 2015

In Part 2 of this week’s episode, comedians Dan Long & Minda Mo will tell us about their secret to having a successful relationship in the Florida comedy scene; Maymay will continue her crusade against the penis; and then, Rusty the Fisherman will stop by and have a chat with Harvey, Middle-Aged Jewish Bisexual, about embracing his latent homosexuality!  The laughs continue on Sex on Kava!

Also, don’t forget to check out Rich Kennedy & ROR this Saturday, August 22, at the Shade Post in Ft. Lauderdale!
Aug 18, 2015

Tonight on Sex on Kava:  We’re joined at the kava by by South Florida comedy power couple, Dan Long & Minda Mo!  These two crazy kids are both hilarious as they help us tackle why Ethan’s a jerk, what’s going on in the comedy scene in South Florida, and the sex news with Maymay.  Also, Maymay will try to convince Minda to go along with her crazy scheme of mandatory penis removal, and Minda will come out as a staunch defender of the male unit, no matter that it’s sometimes misused.  So far, Maymay’s crusade is a lonely one, but she seems determined to continue it–at least until Rich & Ethan shut off her microphone.  It’s wackiness, it’s comedy, it’s… it’s… Sex on Kava!

Aug 12, 2015

As we continue the show with Part 2, South Florida comedian Kevin Javier joins the gang.  The segment starts off uncomfortably as Ethan tries to interview a girl that Kevin is trying to pick up at the kava bar.  She’s 19 and sexy, but we need a crowbar to pry out any information about her relationship at all!  Maymay tries to come to her rescue, but to no avail.  Next we’ve got some news and some traffic, then Ethan is pissed off about E. Coli warnings and contact lenses.  Finally, Kavatender Derek joins us for the final segment and tells a story about Bill Clinton that Rich hypes as “awesome”.  (Ethan disagrees.)  It’s more comedy, more controversy on Sex On Kava!

Aug 11, 2015

Tonight on Sex on Kava:  We’re recording at Awa Na Kava Lounge on a Sunday night (what?) because Rich & Ethan both had Saturday night gigs.  But the bar is still loaded with hot chicks and some of them get on the mic to talk to us.

Comedian Mike Atcherson joins us for Part 1 as the alluring Rachel has a question about a “friends with benefits” situation. As usual, the boys behave shamefully and Newsgirl Maymay gets disgusted. Then we cover a news story about Disney Wo [...]

Aug 5, 2015

Mike Sowa heads home but we are still rockin’ it on Sex On Kava!  We’re joined by two lovely flight attendants from an airline which shall remain nameless, and one of them is wondering why guys she meets on Tinder don’t call back after a hookup; the other one doesn’t have this problem, because she only likes girls! We delve into this, and the differences in how men and women use Tinder, as things heat up on Sex on Kava! Then Ethan’s got some Moore News, we hear from Barry White, and, finally, Maymay and Ethan get into an argument about how to behave properly if you’re a retail clerk! Rich has to referee, and hilarity ensues. Enjoy!

Also, don’t forget to check out these dates:
Saturday August 8, 8PM: Funky Buddha Lounge & Brewery in Boca Raton: Standup Comedy Show! Featuring Ethan Moore & a bunch of other great South Florida com [...]
Aug 4, 2015

It’s another great episode of Sex on Kava.  Tonight, we find out what happened to Newsgirl Maymay’s mouth; comedian Mike Sowa drops by to tell us a story of debauchery from the South Florida comedy scene; then: Sex on the beach! For some reason Ethan starts raving about idiots, Florida pride, and styrofoam, and Rich has to calm him down.  It’s your weekly dose of conversation, comedy, and kava, delivered as always almost live from Awa Na Kava Lounge in the heart of Ft. Lauderdale!

Jul 30, 2015

Nadia Danowska has to leave but the fun continues as Rich & Ethan hang with comedians Khalil Phillips & Mike Sowa and talk about more of the week’s news stories. Then, some guy named Cameron has a story about “pipe-fitting”, if you know what we mean; Creepy Greg shows up again and shares his foolproof pickup techniques, and finally, Cary the Gay Guy brings us in for a soft landing with a discussion of what gay and straight people can learn from one another. It’s outrageous, it’s offensive, and it’s definitely un-PC… but somehow, it’s hard to turn off once you start listening!  Join us for more Sex on Kava!

Also, here are some upcoming dates where you can catch us doing live comedy:
Friday, July 31:  Rosalita’s Tex Mex in Lake Worth, FL - Ethan [...]
Jul 29, 2015

This week, the lovely Nadia Danowska stops by to talk about acting in South Florida, and also, sex.  Hilarity ensues as we’re joined by not one, not two, but three of South Florida’s up & coming comedians:  Ralph LaGuerreKhalil Phillips, and Mike Sowa! Newsgirl Maymay is sick so Nadia fills in for her with her delightful Polish accent.  It’s wacky news stories, wacky sex stories, and more on Sex on Kava!

Jul 22, 2015

As we continue the discussion, things get more uncomfortable than ever as Creepy Greg shares his secrets of seduction with the gang.  Then, Ethan tells of an embarrassing sexual escapade and the group weighs in on the perils and pitfalls of sex with an ex.  Finally, the group discusses the Confederate flag controversy and Creepy Greg offers up his controversial opinions on the subject!  Wackiness abounds as you join us for another episode of Sex On Kava!

Jul 22, 2015

This week join us in our funniest episode yet!  First, South Florida rock sensation Two Kings stop by for a chat and Ethan ends up insulting them. Next, we probe deeper into the mysteries of gerbil love with a little help from famed recording artist Barry White. Finally, we discover new ways to make Newsgirl Maymay uncomfortable as she reads a story about sex toys and relationship drama while we’re joined by Creepy Greg.  All right now on Episode 13, Part 1, of Sex on Kava!

Enjoy! And don’t forget to join us tomorrow for part 2 with Creepy Greg, which, we promise, is even weirder!

Jul 15, 2015

As the discussion continues, Cary the Gay Guy joins us to help us solve the mystery of gerbil love.  Along the way, we cover ladyboys, felching, and bush vs. no bush. It’s fetish night on Sex on Kava!  Join the fun as the podcast reaches a new low in debauchery!

Also, don’t forget to check out Kraken Jokes tomorrow night (Thursday, July 16) at The Treasure Trove on Ft. Lauderdale Beach. It will be drunken, it will be riotous, it will be full of dirty jokes! Lots of great South Florida comedians, and also, Ethan Moore. See you there!
Jul 14, 2015

Izzy Sims joins us as we return from 4th of July break! We talk about fireworks, felching, and whether or not anal gerbil play is a real thing. (Ethan is skeptical, but Rich submits into evidence the fact that he once discovered a bag of “used” gerbils when he was a garbage man on Fire Island!) Then Newsgirl Leslie has a story about a Florida woman who went to astounding lengths to harass her neighbor, and the gang tells war stories about bad behavior from love interests. (Not surprisingly, Rich’s story takes the cake!)

It’s more wackiness and fun on Sex on Kava! Enjoy! (And don’t forget to get Part 2 tomorrow, when we bring Carey the Gay Guy in to solve the gerbil question once and for all!)

Terima Kasih!
Jul 9, 2015

Hey folks, we took the week off for July 4th (and hope you had a happy holiday!)  No full episode this week, but we didn’t want to leave you entirely without content, so we put together a little 4-minute piece for you!

Listen to Rich & Ethan broadcast from the cozy confines of Ethan’s car while they listen to the “rave reviews” of Sex on Kava from the South Florida comedy scene!  Ethan & Rich try not to cry by the end of the 4 minutes.
Thanks to all the Florida comedians who contributed!  In order of appearance on this mini-sode, they are: David Martin, Kevin Javier, Jacky Beren, Brian Coronado, Hansen Sinclair, Chris Zee, Dan Weiss, and Theo!
Jul 2, 2015

Episode 10 continues as Eric Rosenblum & Izzy Sims tell us about their online dating experiences, and Rich talks about pranking dating lines in the days before the internet! Also, Maymay helps the boys solve the age old question of whether nice guys finish last.  It’s sex, love, and wackiness on another hilarious episode of Sex on Kava!

Jul 1, 2015

In Episode 10 of Sex On Kava, Newsgirl Maymay is back, South Florida comedians Eric Rosenblum & Izzy Sims join us, and gay marriage is legal in all 50 states!  We talk with the denizens of the kava bar about the new development in marriage equality, and Scott the Homo tells us a moving story about what it was like to be in the closet for 48 years and finally come out.  Also, in our news segment, an old dude is caught masturbating in his Mercedes at McDonald’s and is hopping mad at the police for persecuting him!  It’s another wacky episode of Sex on Kava, live on tape from Awa Na Kava Lounge in the heart of South Florida!

Jun 25, 2015

Transgressive comedian Dan Weiss joins Robbie Toussaint & the gang for more discussion of sex, relationships, and love, live on tape at Awa Na Kava, South Florida’s best kava bar!

In this segment, the gang talks about developing a comedic voice and hears what Dan Weiss has to say about that!  Then, Greg from the kava bar asks a relationship question, and, for the first time ever, the gang actually analyzes the situation and gives advice!  Finally, the phenomenon of “Bronies” and whether this is a sexual thing is discussed; have a look here at these dudes
Jun 23, 2015

This week, the gang celebrate the news that Awa Na Kava Lounge, our weekly podcast venue, hast been voted the best Kava Bar in South Florida by Broward/Palm Beach New Times!

Newsgirl Leslie subs for Newsgirl Maymay, who’s out on a family emergency, as comedians Robbie Toussaint and Dan Weiss join the discussion with your hosts, Rich Kennedy & Ethan Moore.
First, Newsgirl Leslie and Karaoke Hostess Rena Edwina discuss their many acts of juvenile delinquency and vandalism (including Rena attempting to burn down a bookstore!)  Then, it’s into the meat of the program:  Ethan learns how to get an ex-girlfriend to take his calls; Robbie Toussaint learns how not to seduce a girl while getting drunk; and the gang discuss the news story of the week: A young lady from Bradenton with a case of puppy love.
I [...]
Jun 17, 2015

It’s a very special episode of Sex On Kava, broadcast on location from the set of Medium At Large, a film produced for the Miami 48-Hour Film Project that stars your hosts, Rich Kennedy and Ethan Moore! We do an interview with the lovely and talented actress Nadia Danowska, news with Maymay Durand, and an interview with film director Brent Boltri.

Medium At Large premieres tomorrow night, June 18, at 7 PM at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Come out and see Rich and Ethan on screen and in person at the gala premiere! Directions & info here.
If you want to see more of Nadia Danowska (and who wouldn’t!) you can follow her on instagram here or check o [...]
Jun 12, 2015

Newsgirl Maymay Durand has a Modest Proposal to make the world a better place… just cut off your dick!  (Ouch).  Listen to Rich & Ethan squirm through this entire episode.  Bizarre and hilarious as always, it’s Sex on Kava!

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