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Sex on Kava w/ Ethan Moore & Rich Kennedy! The South Florida talkshow about Sex, Love & Relationships in the Age of Tinder. Taping every Saturday night at Awa Na Kava in Ft. Lauderdale!
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Jun 2, 2016

Tonight on Sex on Kava, we’ve got one of our favorite guests, Noshod Barrow!  He’ll talk about why he’s getting rid of his nicknames and how his life is falling apart, and it’s hilarious!  Also Ethan is back from California and will tell us what it’s like to be the straightest man in San Francisco.  And we find out how we can start pitching Sex on Kava… as 100% pure distilled Florida in your headphones! Also, we welcome new affiliates in North Lauderdale and Chi-raq, hear how to escape from military school, and learn the ins and outs of the Asian squat toilet.  All that, and much, much more, tonight on Sex on Kava!l

May 26, 2016

Tonight it’s the Best of Sex on Kava, Volume II!  We’ve got Donald Trump, Creepy Greg, Harvey, Mistress Cruella, Dick Pics with Dave Gregory, and much, much more!  Plus, all your favorite guests… Matt Bellak, Eric Rosenblum, John Gregory, Jacky Beren, Jen Hellman, Noshod Barrow, Mike Sowa, and more!  Listen now… and don’t forget tell a friend, and give us a 5-star rating on iTunes!

May 19, 2016

As we continue this week’s episode of Sex on Kava, Dr. Anna Lepeley is eating directly into the microphone and we’re trying to Guess the BS!  Ethan is still having way too much fun being in drag… and Rich and Shoddy are having a really hard time looking him in the eyes!  Listen as he continues to swear he’s not gay… Harvey has a few things to say about that.  And we talk about eating bananas, scrambled porn, proper Tinder technique and the different types of lesbians.  It’s delightful, it’s delectable, it’s decadent… it’s Sex on Kava!

May 17, 2016

Tonight on the podcast, Ethan is in drag!  Find out why, and listen to Rich find a million more ways to call Ethan gay.  Tonight’s guest, joining us after the break, is Dr. Anna Lepeley, and she’s here to promote the Butch and Femme Comedy Tour, which she and Ethan are conducting across the Deep South this summer.  Plus, find our why hairy women are beautiful, how to properly eat a banana, and makeup tips with Ethan!  And why Rich and Noshod can’t look Ethan in the eye… All tonight, on this hilarious gender-bending episode of Sex on Kava!

May 12, 2016

In Part 2 of this week’s Sex on Kava, Noshod Barrow is still trying to figure out how his friend’s repressed homosexual feelings ended up causing his car to get smashed, so he asks Cary the Gay Guy!  Plus this week’s guest, Shein Mompremier, explains to everyone how Ethan can’t seem to get in touch with his anger, but is still somehow a good actor.  Rich thinks that it’s priceless that in addition to being effeminate, having highlights in his hair, and driving around in a candy apple-red convertible, Ethan has also gotten into theater!  Oh, and the love between Ethan and Maymay is still blossoming.  Listen!  Also, #SoThisIsWhatWeDoNow, and Lemonade on LaserDisc!

May 11, 2016

Tonight on Sex on Kava, Maymay is missing!  We wonder where she is and things get weird as we try to interview Pete the Pitcher, to no avail. (Although we do hear a little about masturbating in the Philadelphia Phillies locker room and having sex with fans on pool tables).  We welcome this week’s guest, improv comedian and actress Shein Mompremier, who seems to be wondering what she’s gotten herself into, and we hear from Noshod Barrow, who will tell us why his car looks like it’s been smashed up by an angry girlfriend.  Finally, Newsgirl Maymay shows up to do the news and we find out what it would sound like if Mr. T and Wesley Snipes had sex.  It’s pure, unfiltered aural insanity, coming to you right now:  Sex on Kava!

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May 5, 2016

Part 2 is dynamite this week!  Creepy Greg tries to teach Newsgirl Maymay a little something about love.  Ethan remains fascinated with dominatrices and Greg tells us about his visit to a fetish party– while Mistress Cruella chimes in!  Then, suddenly, Cary the Gay Guy jumps in and hijacks the podcast for an amazing segment about gay double penetration, fisting, and HIV…  It’s positively hilarious!  Finally, we have our first round of Guess the BS in the new season, and Maymay gets called on her BS hard!  This is a fantastic episode… highly recommended.

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May 4, 2016

On tonight’s episode of Sex on Kava, we’re joined by Matt Guralsky, standup comedian and employee of both an unnamed hospital and an unnamed national upmarket grocery chain.  He’ll tell us about the strange customers/patients he encounters and the grocery store’s inexplicaple racism towards gypsies, but, more importantly, he’ll put his psychology degree to work unpacking Maymay’s emotional blockage, Rich’s multiple personality disorder, and Ethan’s multiple mental illnesses.  Everybody’s sick, and it’s hilarious!  Plus, news with Maymay, Creepy Greg, Mr. Payne, and more!

And stay tuned for Part 2 of this week’s episode, with shockin [...]

Apr 28, 2016
As our Season 2 Premiere continues, we dig into Miami comedian Paul Julmeus’s love life, and find out that he’s just recently had sex for the first time!  He’ll tell us about it… but the big revelation comes when we find out that Newsgirl Maymay is also a virgin, and what’s more, doesn’t even believe in love!  The episode turns into an intervention for Maymay, as Paul’s character Dr. Love and David Bowie try to convince her that love does indeed, exist.  Tonight, no one has sex… but we get real as fuck on Sex on Kava!  Listen now!

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Apr 27, 2016

Tonight on the season 2 premiere we’ve got up-and-coming Miami comic Paul Julmeus! We talk about the show he did with Hannibal Buress and why Miami audiences have a hard time acting right at comedy shows. We hear a little from Harvey, the 51-year old Jewish bisexual, Ethan claims that sexuality is fluid (Rich calls him a fruitcake), we talk about Creepy Greg’s creepy childhood, and… will Maymay and Ethan finally consummate their love? Find out right here, on Sex on Kava!

And stay tuned for Part 2, out tomorrow, when we’ll have more with Paul Julmeus and finally plumb the depths of Maymay’s darkness!

Apr 21, 2016

As our special Anniversary edition of Sex on Kava continues, we’ve got more revelations from Creepy Greg about his life as a teenage prostitute in New York!  Newsgirl Maymay grills him on his feelings, Ethan wants to know what the going rate was, and Rich Kennedy has wacky sound effects and jokes!  Join us on this Very Special Episode as we find out the origin of Creepy Greg’s creepiness.  Plus, Mr. Payne, the Sex Ed teacher, Guess the BS, and Cooking with Semen!  And Southgate Design is blowing up prices! All right here, only on Sex on Kava!

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Apr 20, 2016

Tonight on Sex on Kava, we’re celebrating the end of our first glorious year!  Listen as we welcome Mistress Cruella, Evil Norm MacDonald, Eric Rosenblum, Harvey, David Bowie, Mr. Payne, and more! Plus, Ethan gets on Maymay’s bad side (what else is new) and Cary the Gay Guy tries to mediate… with mixed results.  We’ve also got news, weather, and traffic with Maymay and Rich “Sly Ricky D” Kennedy up in the traffic-copter! Finally, Creepy Greg joins us to tell us about creeping on some of his old high school class.  It gets really interesting as we dig deeper into Creepy Greg’s past, and he tells us about his going rate for a handjob as a teenage prostitute.  This fascinating discussion really heats up in part 2, so don’t forget to tune in tomorrow!

Apr 14, 2016

As we continue Mike Sowa’s intervention, we’ve got Cary the Gay Guy weighing in on whether Rich’s roommate Jimmy was gay! He’s also got some outlandishly erotic (and really, really gay) tales from the meat department! Plus we learn more about penis pumps, and also the practice of “sounding”.  Then Noshod Barrow shows up for a hilarious round of bestiality-themed Guess the BS (thanks, Maymay…) and some #SoThisIsWhatWeDoNow! Listen, as once again, the show reaches a new low, and hilarity ensues.

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Apr 13, 2016

Tonight on the podcast, we’ve got local comedian Mike Sowa.  Ethan tries to make out with Maymay, we learn about the spiritual fulfillment of having an artificially enhanced penis, and Mike tells us about how to drive drunk.  The podcast kind of turns into an intervention at this point, and Mike’s mom even calls in!  It’s compelling drama served with a side of hilarity, only on Sex on Kava!

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Apr 7, 2016

As we continue this week’s episode, we’re talking to Creepy Greg about why he’s upset with Rich; and we’ve got honorary Kava Kook, Chelsea, in the house, to talk about what happens when guys (like Greg) try to game you.  Greg will explain exactly what happens– he invites ‘em over (to fuck!) Then Maymay has the news, we talk about Thai virgins, and Noshod Barrow shows up drunk and depressed for an unscheduled edition of #SoThisIsWhatWeDoNow! It’s another wild & crazy episode of Sex on Kava!

Apr 6, 2016

Tonight on the show, hot local comic Willonius Hatcher joins us! We talk about his last appearance on Sex on Kava and why he wanted us to delete the episode (and why we didn’t end up doing it.) Then we’ve got more drama as we talk about Hannibal Buress’s surprise appearance at the show Willonius and Paul Julmeus cohost in Wynwood at Gramps… and hear how Ethan ruined Hannibal’s night!  Finally, we talk about Fame, and how she’s a fickle mistress.  And we talk to someone who knows fame all too well as we get a transmission from the astral plane as David Bowie calls in once again!  It’s in poor taste, really, but it’s fucking great– and that’s what Sex on Kava is all about!

Mar 31, 2016

As this week’s episode continues, we talk about boners, arson, and the Creepy Greg theme song with guest comedian Eric Rosenblum.  Then Pistol Pete joins us for a prostitution-themed round of “Guess the BS” with Maymay.  Finally, we’ve got Shoddy Barrow in the house for his new segment, “So This Is What We Do Now”! And he’ll also tell us whey Ben Affleck is overrated. Riotous fun for all!

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Mar 30, 2016

On tonight’s Sex on Kava, we’re joined by the hilarious Eric Rosenblum.  Great stuff tonight as Rich tells us about the new “don’t be an asshole” policy at Awa Na Kava, we compare life in Vietnam and Fiji, and we’ll hear about the demise of Kava Komedy Monday. Then, the beautiful and hilarious Dr. Anna Lepeley drops by to talk about how to stay horny and healthy, and we find out that Ethan is living on borrowed time!  Also, Newsgirl Maymay has a Florida story about bestiality… Ethan tries to make the best of it, but everyone else is thoroughly disgusted.  As usual on Sex on Kava we seem to reach a new low of depravity every single week! Come plumb the depths with us, and thanks for listening!

Mar 24, 2016

As we return in Part 2 of this week’s episode, we’ve got everyone’s favorite Kava Kook, Creepy Greg! He joins the gang and this week’s guest comedian, Noam Manor, and she tries to teach him how to improv, with hilarious results.  We’ll also dissect the Creepy Greg theme song, say hello to our Israeli listeners and talk about whether a breakfast date is a good idea.  And, of course, we’ve got Guess the BS with Maymay!  It’s sick, it’s weird, but it’s eminently listenable… it’s Sex on Kava!

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Mar 23, 2016

Tonight’s guest is the lovely and talented Noam Manor, but our friend Artesse Lector is also here, promoting the Stand-up Kings show he’s doing with Ridiculous and Maymay! We talk about Ridiculous and controversial approaches to promotion, doing Sex on Kava last week out by the dumpster, and dick pics, to Maymay’s dismay.  Also:  We love how Noam Manor is booking lots of women for comedy in South Florida.

Also, we’ve got [...]

Mar 17, 2016

As tonight’s episode out by the dumpster at Awa Na Kava continues, we’ll find out why Noshod “Shoddy” Barrow is a great guest host, and why Maymay doesn’t want to cut off anyone’s Johnson these days. (End of an era?) Then, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: We get an update with Creepy Greg! We’ll find out about the play he’s getting because he’s Creepy Greg, How to Be a Gentleman, and whether Hot Brittany will get creeped out! Also, we’re on in Long Island, apparently! Shout out to Suffolk County! Follow us on instagram at @sexonkava

Mar 16, 2016

Rich is out tonight but we’ve got Noshod Barrow guest hosting up a storm, as we’re joined by South Florida comedienne Jacky Beren, LA’s Dave Gregory, Hot Brittany, and of course, Newsgirl Maymay & Ethan. We talk about why we’re recording tonight’s episode in the parking lot, where Rich is, and most of all, Dave Gregory’s influence on Ethan, both in terms of comedy, and in terms of dick pics.  In fact, during this episode, Ethan sends a dick pic Jacky, Maymay, and Brittany, and we get to hear their reactions live on the air!  Plus, we do news with Maymay, find out whether Noshod would have sex with a shemale, and Dave gets mad at Ethan!  Plus: Dick pic lighting tips.  It’s a veritable smorgasbord of sex and comedy tonight on Sex on Kava! Don’t miss it!  Follow us on instagram @sexonkava.

Mar 10, 2016

As this unmissable episode continues, we’ve still got Dave Gregory, LA comic, who will be appearing on HBO in the upcoming Bryan Cranston film, All the Way.  We learn why the Valley girl voice is hot, why Ethan deserves to be made fun of, and Dave goes deep with comedy secrets.  We’ve got Guess the BS with Newsgirl Maymay, but maybe most importantly, we learn even more about dick pics… in fact, Dave Gregory will send Maymay a dick pic, live, on the air!  Her reaction is priceless, and yours will be too!  Thanks for listening.  Follow us on instagram @sexonkava!

Mar 9, 2016

Tonight we cover the important political issues– diabetes, snowbunnies, and most of all, dick pics, with the hilarious Dave Gregory, Vine sensation, actor, and amazingly talented comedian from LA.  Then we have a very special segment with candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, who stop by the kava bar to kiss some babies and press the flesh!  It’s absolutely unmissable– If you only listen to one episode of Sex on Kava, do yourself a favor and listen to this one!  Part 2 out tomorrow!

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Mar 3, 2016

On Part 2 of tonight’s Sex on Kava, we’re joined by comedian Noshod “Shoddy” Barrow and kava kooks Wacky Jacqui & Creepy Greg!  As we continue from Part 1, Wacky Jacqui continues to act out, relentlessly both molesting Rich Kennedy and the Sex on Kava microphone! Newsgirl Maymay is displeased… but we don’t really find out how much she can’t stand Jacqui until after the break, when Jacqui leaves and both Maymay and Shoddy tell us what they really think! Plus: Creepy Greg tells us about his new Facebook page! Noshod and Ethan are planning a dance-off! And Wacky Jacqui does give out some some great blowjob tips… all on this hil [...]

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