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Sex on Kava w/ Ethan Moore & Rich Kennedy! The South Florida talkshow about Sex, Love & Relationships in the Age of Tinder. Taping every Saturday night at Awa Na Kava in Ft. Lauderdale!
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Sep 13, 2016

Tonight on Sex on Kava, we are live on, and will be every Saturday at midnight, so check us out!  Tonight we’ve got Dr. Anna Lepeley and porn star Law Ream in the house, fresh from a photoshoot with Ethan in drag!  Plus Harvey is back, and he want’s to talk to Ethan about some of his proclivities.  Also, we’ve got the news with Jackie, we’re talking to Anna about sex with her retarded clone, and David Bowie calls in from the ethereal plain with some androgynous advice for Ethan.  It’s another insane night of Sex on Kava!

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Sep 8, 2016

Tonight on Sex on Kava, we’re indulging in some deep, deep Sips of Hennessy with Hennessy Williams III, who explains how to avoid losing your integrity within a relationship!  Listen as Jay Risk opens up his inner vagina and we hear his tragic tale of cocaine, yachts, and failed marriage.  Plus, a preview of Rich’s new segment on the rock & roll industry… which will be called “Backstage Passes”... or maybe, “Power Chords”!  Write in and tell us how much you hate us:

And don’t forget to contact the DEA (from someone else’s phone) if you want to keep kratom legal!  Also, if you’re in South Florida, come see the Butch and Femme Comedy Show with Ethan Moore & Anna Lepeley this Friday September 9, 9PM at Awa Na Kava!

Sep 6, 2016

Tonight on Sex on Kava, we’ve got local comic Jay Risk, who’ll tell us about how he cheated death! Jay is also helping us with our project to bring Sex on Kava to you LIVE every week… check on Saturday at midnight to check it out!  We’ll also hear some listener mail, Jackie will describe giving Rich a “grapefruit blowjob”, and Ethan will tell us why he’s not a fan of being “grapefruited”.  Plus, the kratom ban, the smallest penis contest, and tentacle pussies!  It’s disgusting!  Send your complaints to! One love!

Sep 1, 2016

Tonight on Sex on Kava, we’re immensely privileged to welcome Elgin David, cast member of this season’s Wild N Out, airing now on MTV!  We’re talking about success in showbizness, how great Eric Rosenblum is, and how Rich Kennedy is Archie Bunker for the 21st century!  Plus we’ve got listener mail, Ethan opens up about Maymay and his feelings, Scott the Homo explains blowjobs, and Elgin tells us about managing Burn and Krash, two 17-year old internet stars. Crass entertainment is our business, and business is good!  Write us at

Oh, and if you're in South Florida, don’t forget to check out the Butch and Femme Comedy Tour, starring Anna Lepeley and Ethan Moore, live at Awa Na Kava on Friday, September 9th and featuring drag performer Daisy Deadpetals, veteran comedian Freddy Stebbins, and hilarious but tiny Eric Rosenblum!

Aug 25, 2016

It’s your new favorite segment, Sips of Hennessy with Hennessy Williams III! Tonight we talk about the effect that social media can have on your relationship; how to date an instagram model and the problems associated with how to dealing with “social media sycophants”!  Most importantly, a life lesson for men and women alike:  If you want to upgrade the type of people you’re dating, don’t pretend to be interesting and busy--just be interesting and busy!  It’s like magic.  We get deep tonight on Sex on Kava… but there’s still plenty of discussion of deep throating, porn, and assplay, so don’t get the wrong idea!  Write us at

Aug 24, 2016

Tonight on Sex on Kava, comedian Phillip Isme is back and we talk about the drama that went down the last time he was here and why Rich is racist, then we read some mail from some opinionated listeners!  Then Ethan horrifies Khalil Phillips by talking about how he got his prostate milked, how he got his ass eaten, and how sometimes, you’ve got to eat the ass to get the pussy. And everyone keeps wondering if anyone spooged on Ethan during the fetish party he attended last week, as we try to answer the question, “Just how gay is Ethan, anyway?”  Hennessy Williams III provides hilarious commentary throughout!  Enjoy!  And don’t forget to listen to Part 2 tomorrow!  Write us at

Aug 17, 2016

Tonight’s episode of Sex on Kava is the funniest yet as Ethan arrives, fresh from a fetish party with stories of exhibitionism and fake boobs!  You won’t want to miss this, because we’ve also got Law Ream, ex-porn star and ex-special forces guy, who will share his sure-fire method for fucking a stripper (without paying for it)!  And we’ve got Hennessy Williams III with a special “Maxim” edition of Sips of Hennessy:  Tonight’s topic is how to get your girlfriend to be sexier in bed! We’ll also hear Rich’s method for using a vibrator (hint: It’s a surprise!) and Newsgirl Jackie’s sex toy product review.  It’s an extra-sexy edition of the already sexy Sex on Kava.  Try to keep your pants on!  And write us at

Aug 11, 2016

Tonight on Sex on Kava, we’ve got guest comedian Khalil Phillips, and Newsgirl Jackie is still nearly naked! We’re talking about big clits, lesbians, chastity belts and more. And don’t miss our new segment, “Sips of Hennessy”, where we get advice from Hennessy Williams III. Tonight’s topic:  Side Cootchie, and how to do it right, if you’re gonna do it!  Hint: “You get one!” And we’ve got more of Law Ream’s tales from the porno set, including doing granny porn and proper use of a penis pump.  Plus:  Listener mail!  And you can write us at

Aug 9, 2016

Tonight on Sex on Kava we’ve got comedian Khalil Phillips, Newsgirl Jackie is extra-sexy, and we’re talking with ex-porn star Law Ream about Creepy Greg’s teenage prostitution years, hood strip clubs, and the proper way to behave at a fetish party.  Plus crazy bitches, rape fantasies, going down on hookers, Khalil’s tales from the psych ward, Pokemon Go has child molesters, Hennessy Williams III tells us about the origins of his name, and the prosperity gospel and preachers with gold toilets!  Don’t miss this exciting episode.  And write us at


Aug 3, 2016

Tonight on Sex on Kava we’ve got our first installment of “Sips of Hennessy”, our new recurring segment with Hennessy Williams III (AKA Artesse Lector).  We’ll find out why Rich Kennedy is a racist, we’ll hear from Porn Start Larry “Law” Ream, and we’re digging deep into Naughty Nadia’s psyche!  Nadia’s been having some relationship problems involving Ferarris, cokeheads, and untrustworthy guys, and Hennessy will try to help.  Plus, we’ll learn that Mike Sowa doesn’t understand the “Anonymous” part of Alcoholics Anonymous!  This turns out to be a very funny, very deep episode about relationship standards, threesomes, exploitative guys and materialistic girls.  Listen now!   And write us at


Aug 2, 2016

This week, we’ve got Mike Sowa in the house, and for once, he’s sober!  In fact, he hit bottom on episode #51 of last season’s Sex on Kava, and he’ll tell us about what it was like to have his alcoholism documented for all to hear, and how his recovery is going… and how Sex on Kava saved his life! We’re doing the Lord’s work!  Also, we’ve got guest Newsgirl, the very sexy, very naughty, Nadia Danowska!  And she’s got a very funny motherfucking news story for all you perverts.  Plus, she’ll show us how to talk dirty in Polish… and we do some Polish jokes!  Only the highest of high-brow humor for our listeners.  Write us at!

Jul 28, 2016

In this episode of Sex on Kava, Creepy Greg joins us, along with awkward comedian Fasil Malik, and Eric Rosenblum, super shy comedian, and we’ll see who can be creepier!  Also, we have some nice things to say about Newsgirl Maymay, who’s recently left the show.  And we’ll find out about Ethan’s weird attraction to specific kinds of transwomen (which he insists upon calling “ladyboys”), and the idea of having sex with a replica of himself. Narcissism, anyone? Plus, found out what Creepy Greg thinks about pubic hair, and what a good sport Fasil Malik is about terrorism humor!

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Jul 27, 2016

This week we talk about the fallout from last week’s episode wherein Newsgirl Maymay walked out!  That’s right, it’s Sex on Drama, and we’ve got mail from our listeners, who have a lot to say about the whole thing.  Ethan will confess to being an asshole, and Junior Producer Jackie (who is taking over as newsgirl) will give us her opinion on the matter.  Plus we’ll talk to this week’s guest, the uniquely awkward comedian Fasil Malik, about being the only Muslim comic in town and why his comedy is so clean.  Oh, and Fasil will finally get a chance to respond to the charges of plagiarism leveled against him in the media by Miami comic John Gregory!  It’s an explosive episode of Sex on Kava. Listen now!  And write us at

Jul 19, 2016

It’s the most explosive edition of Sex on Kava ever!   Hear Maymay walk out, return, and talk about doing violence to Ethan, as the tension finally comes to a boil.  In past episodes of the podcast, Newsgirl Maymay has discussed her lack of sexual experience, but this week, when Ethan brings it up once again, Maymay won’t stand for it!  This week’s guests, Phillip Isme, Artesse Lector, and Kevin Taylor, watch in shock at and wonder if Ethan will survive her wrath.  Charges of racism are hurled, Junior Producer Jackie gets into the mix, and of course, Rich Kennedy has silly sound effects!  Don’t miss this amazing episode of Sex on Kava!

We want to hear from you!  If someone brings up a fact about themselves on the radio, or on a podcast, does it become fair game for discussion?  Is Maymay being unreasonable?  Is Ethan an asshole?  Both?  Let us know at; or send us a DM on instagram @sexonkava!

(Maymay originally discussed her virginity, along with her attitudes toward love in general, in Part 2 of the Season 2 Premiere.  If you want to hear that, listen HERE.

Jul 19, 2016

Tonight it’s an especially hilarious episode as we welcome comedian Phillip Isme into the insanity of Sex on Kava.  We talk about Ethan’s wild times in Jakarta, Pokemon Go at Awa Na Kava, having your prostate milked, and more.  Local comics Kevin Taylor and Artesse Lector (Hennessy Williams III) also get into the action.  And about halfway through this episode, Ethan shocks Maymay, Kevin, Artesse, and Phillip by saying that he would not get into a fight with someone who disrespected him, and that he thinks the entire concept of respect is bullshit.  Is Ethan a bitch or a pacifist?  You decide!  Write us at

Also, thanks to everyone who’s been reviewing our show lately.  If you haven’t done it yet, don’t forget to give us a 5-star rating and a review on iTunes!  Share the love!

Jul 13, 2016

 This may be the best Sex on Kava segment ever!  We’ve got Naughty Nadia, Larry “Law” Ream the porn star (and photographer), and the hilarious Lamonte Stewart all on the mic, and Larry tells you how to get into porn in one day, if you’re a straight dude!  He’ll tell us about having sex with anal queen Amy Reid (in his very first scene in porn!), getting kicked off a porn set, and fake orgasms for men!  Naughty Nadia tells us whether she’d consider porn, and we discuss whether it’s degrading to women (and what about feminist porn?)  Plus:  Newsgirl Maymay gives us a news story about child rape robots, and whether they should be legal.  Junior Producer Jackie and Ethan have opposing opinions about this… Feel the tension!

And if you’re in South Florida and need photographs, don’t forget to mention “Sex on Kava” to Lawrence Ream Photography for 20% off!  (He does headshots, events, and a lot more, so whether you’re in showbiz, need wedding pics, or want some sexy cheesecake shots for your anniversary, Law is your man!)

Jul 12, 2016

Tonight on Sex on Kava, we’ll hear from South Florida comedian Lamonte Stewart, Naughty Nadia Danowska, and Ethan’s little brother, Elliot!  Topics include having your salad tossed by a nice lady, fraternal masturbation, the Kratom kraze, Donald Trump, and college sports at the University of South Florida!  Oh, and Newsgirl Maymay is drunk on gin!  The party never stops on Sex on Kava!

Jul 8, 2016

Tonight on Sex on Kava our guest is the always entertaining Artesse Lector, AKA Henessy Williams III.  Plus we have some sexy twins from Peru!  We’ll find out if they sound different, even if they look the same… then Artesse will terrify them and their hot friend Marisol by discussing fisting and BDSM right off the bat! Plus he’ll explain to Ethan why the race of a girl’s father affects how they talk dirty.  Plus, our first live read from our new sponsor, Ohm City Vapor, Mike the Vapor Guy, proper dildo use, and much much more!

Jul 1, 2016

So excited to bring you this brand-new “Best of” edition of Sex on Kava!  We’ve packed a lot of funny into a few short minutes here, so strap in!  We’re talking about penis pumps, homoerotic homophobia, fisting, sounding, being dominated by Mistress Cruella– and that’s just in the first 10 minutes!  We’ve also got Cary the Gay guy sharing the intimate secrets of the South Florida gay male culture, Creepy Greg telling us about his deep, dark past (and how he got to be so creepy), and Ethan wearing a dress!  Plus, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders!  And some of your favorite guests:  Eric Rosenblum, Noshod “Shoddy” Barrow, Hanz Rivero, Jen Hellman, Terra the Flight Attendant, Mike Sowa, Raya Elias-Pushett, Morgan the Child, Josh Rosen, and the very sexy Jackie Jacqueline!  All right here on the Best of Sex on Kava, Volume III!

Jun 24, 2016

Tonight on Sex on Kava we’ve got South Florida rapper/comedian Kevin Perry, plus our old friend Eric Rosenblum!  Kevin and Ethan are fresh off the Burnt Toast Roast Battle this past Saturday at the Funky Buddha.  We’ll hear all the scuttlebutt from the local comedy scene, plus Kevin tells us about his former life of crime, prison, and we do some news with Maymay Durand. Plus, porn for the blind! It’s Sex on Kava… have it now!

Jun 16, 2016

In Part 2 we continue our discussion with the disturbed but highly entertaining mind of Hanz Rivero… we’re talking about self-doubts and comedy, and we get to hear more of RIch Kennedy’s Tales from the Music Biz!  Plus, Rap Battle between Ethan and Hanz, we talk about improv and the Villain Theater with Hanz, and it’s a special, “extra-dark” edition of Guess the BS with Maymay!  Keep that dial locked in to Sex on Kava, the fastest growing outlaw radio in North America!!!

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Jun 15, 2016

Tonight on the podcast, Hanz Rivero!  He’s funny and he’s from Miami.  He’s here to promote his Father’s Day show, “Daddy Issues”, at Churchill’s this Sunday, June 19, but we’ll also get him to open up about his deepest, darkest fetishes, mostly involving choking.  We’ll also talk about furries, lactation, and dirty tattoos… and we’ll find out what “Breed My Hole” means from Cary, our Sex on Kava Gay Correspondent!  Oh, and just where is Maymay?  Find out, right now on Sex on Kava!  And don’t miss Part 2, out tomorrow!

Jun 9, 2016

Tonight in Part 2, Ethan and tonight’s guest, Raya Elias-Pushett are doing an improv demo of a first date! Will Maymay get jealous?  Also, we’ll hear about crying after sex, why Rich is a master kava brewer (but only a mediocre tea-steeper), and then, we’ve got a bombshell:  Bernie Sanders is in the studio!  He’ll tell us about continuing his campaign in spite of math, and then Donald Trump will join us for a little Guess the BS.  Don’t touch that dial!  Keep it locked in right here, for tonight’s Sex on Kava!

Jun 8, 2016

Tonight’s guest is comedienne Raya Ligal Elias-Pushett! She’s here promoting the Villain Theater in Miami, but she’s also a sex expert (sexpert?) and a super-smart individual in general! She’ll tell us about her appearance on “Jeopardy!”  and how improv comedy works, and how to outfox Jesus! Plus, Australian game shows, Tasmanian devils, and Creepy Greg! All right here on Sex on Kava!

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Jun 3, 2016

It’s part 2 of this week’s Sex on Kava!  We’ve got more with Noshod “Shoddy” Barrow, one of the funniest comedians in South Florida.  Ethan wants to talk about his travel problems coming back from LA, but Maymay and Chocolate Thunder can’t help breaking in to tell everyone their own ideas about how customer service should work.  (Hint:  They don’t involve serving the customer).  Then Noshod has a summer school edition of #SoThisIsWhatWeDoNow!  And we’ll talk about improv racism and the Butch and Femme Comedy Tour.  All right now on #SexOnKava!

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